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Donation overload | "We are incredibly grateful and incredibly overwhelmed"

Goodwill San Diego has seen a large increase of donations during the pandemic as people are clearing out their homes.

SAN DIEGO — One of the most popular places in town right now is the landing zone for all your discards after cleaning the garage.

The pandemic has caused many of us to spend a lot more time in our homes and often with some extra time. Many are using this time to clean out the things that they don't need anymore and organizations like Goodwill are seeing an increase in donations.

It’s a beehive of activity at the donation drop-off area at Goodwill San Diego headquarters in Pt. Loma.  Carloads of boxes and bags, books, games, toys, stuffed animals and tons of household goods that are being cleared out of our homes because COVID has had us cooped up.

And Goodwill loves it!

"We are incredibly grateful and incredibly overwhelmed. Our stores are fully stocked; backrooms are full," said Darlene Cossio, Goodwill San Diego director of communications. "We have the fulfillment center at capacity.  When COVID started, we laid off 75% of our workforce and we were challenged trying to provide the level of service the community is used to receiving from us." 

One recommendation is to try and get an early start no matter which charitable organization you choose.

“If you're a donor and really eager to contribute to our organization, the best thing to do is to bring donations first thing in the morning when we open at ten," Cossio said. 

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