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Migrants at border frustrated with CBP One app despite update

Some say trying to use the CBP One app has proven complicated because the app consistently won't open or keeps freezing.

SAN DIEGO — As migrants continue to wait at the U.S.-Mexico Border, the recently updated CBP One app is still creating issues for asylum seekers.

Luisa Ortiz, who is hoping to seek asylum from Colombia says trying to use the CBP One app has proven complicated because the app consistently won't open for her.

Ortiz told CBS 8 in Spanish that the app keeps freezing. We even tried for ourselves to see if we could help Ortiz in trying to navigate the app. But still, no luck.

A migrant from Venezuela says that the app keeps crashing, for her and all of her fellow Venezuelans who try to use it.

This keeps happening despite the recent announcement that the CBP One app has been updated and is now supposed to be easier to use.

Offering 1,000 appointments a day, an increase from about 740 appointments and also making appointments available 23 hours a day instead of at a designated time, should allow for more flexibility.

But migrant rights activist Pedro Rios of the American Friends Service Committee says the app is still rife with problems, including its lack of language options.

"At this point -- if you don't speak Spanish, English, or Haitian-Creole, they won't be able to use the app -- along with some of the other issues that have come up with it," Rios said.

One of the major issues: some users with darker complexions said the app does not capture their facial image, blocking them from even being able to register through the app.

"For some individuals with darker skin - not all of them -- it just doesn't capture their image -- and that image is essential in order for them to proceed with their appointments," Rios said.

Meanwhile, many migrants, like Tony from Jamaica remain unaware of the need to use the CBP One app in the first place.

"I just heard about it two days ago. I don't really know about it. And since I've been here I don't have access to the internet for my phone," Tony said.

"My hope is that the Administration realizes that the whole way they are dealing with this. Is just completely out of bounds, it doesn't make sense with how people should be treated who are seeking safe haven in the U.S.," Rios said. 

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