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House near Idyllwild owned by missing woman Dia Abrams for sale

Court-appointed trustee selling house to fund $300K reward.

MOUNTAIN CENTER, Calif. — A property near Idyllwild once owned by La Jolla millionaire Dia Abrams is being sold to help fund a $300,000 reward for information and an arrest in her disappearance.

Abrams, 65, went missing in 2020 and has not been found.

A court-appointed trustee recently took over Abrams’ estate, including her properties in Mountain Center.

The five-bedroom, 3600 square foot house sits on five acres in Garner Valley about 15 miles southeast of Idyllwild.

It was listed for sale in early August for nearly $1 million by Richard Munro, the newly-appointed estate trustee.

The house is one of three properties in Mountain Center once owned by Abrams, who mysteriously vanished from her 117-acre Bonita Vista Ranch in June 2020.

“The sale of Dia’s property is a process of great mourning for our family. We will not be deterred, and we will not give up,” said Clinton Abrams, Dia’s son, who believes his mother is deceased.

“I think solving Dia’s case, finding Dia, finding my mother will lead to the discovery of a lot more. And it's imperative that those secrets be exposed,” the son said.

The $300K reward and the appointment of the trustee was part of a settlement in a probate court battle over the estate between Abrams’ adult children and her boyfriend, Keith Harper, 74, who remains a suspect in the woman’s disappearance and continues to live on her ranch.

“The co-trustee, his duty is to remain neutral. He was appointed by the court and therefore he has to act with great tact and sensitivity and has to be impartial,” said Clinton Abrams.

For now, the Bonita Vista Ranch has not been put on the market, the son said.

The Abrams family expects another property owned by Dia Abrams – the Sky High Ranch in the same area – will be put up for sale in the near future.

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