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Memorials of pedestrians and cyclists struck by vehicles left around Barrio Logan

Some neighbors and business owners say Barrio Logan continues to deal with a lack of traffic safety and are demanding action from the city.

SAN DIEGO — Pedestrians being hit by vehicles in Barrio Logan, so far three people have been struck just this year, others have reported near misses, still neighbors say the city has not taken any actions.

People from Barrio Logan say the lack of traffic safety for pedestrians and cyclists has been an issue for years.

Just recently a 63-year-old bicyclist named Don died on Harbor Drive after he ran into a car in Barrio Logan.

Nayeli Gutierrez who owns NG Apothecary said she fears another death could happen. 

“They run the stop sign. It’s even people who are drinking and they’re driving and they’re just like running stop signs. There’s parking on both sides so you don’t really see the pedestrians until they are crossing,” said Gutierrez, who told CBS 8 that she has witnessed many traffic violations.

According to Walkscore, it ranked Barrio Logan as the 49th most walkable neighborhood in San Diego. 

Streets are being filled with memorials of those that have lost their life. 

On the intersection of Logan Ave and Samson Street there is a picture of 77-year-old Felipe Nieto taped on a pole. Nieto was struck by a hit and run driver earlier this year, the accident sparked frustration from nonprofits and other nearby organizations. 

There’s also a memorial for Don, on Harbor Drive and Beardsley Street, those walking by can also notice a ghost bike tied to a stop sign.

Business owners and neighbors are upset at the city and are calling for action now. 

“It’s been like seven years that they haven't really been paying attention to us. I’m pretty young, I have a lot of energy so I came in hot and I'm just like you know trying to make this known to our politicians that this is happening everyday,” said Gutierrez.  

CBS 8 drove to Barrio Logan and noticed that some streets had no street lights. There are very few crosswalks or stop signs. It also captured a stop sign on Harbor Drive that was even hidden.

CBS 8 reached out to District 8 Councilmember Vivian Moreno, who represents Barrio Logan to ask if there are plans to improve the walkability score and the safety for pedestrians and cyclists. 

During a phone call, her spokesperson told CBS 8 she was not available to take the call. 

However, locals did say district leaders have promised an assessment that will help evaluate how to improve the streets safety next month, but have not given any other details. 

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