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TikTok star Bryce Hall moves to San Diego, says he was harassed at SDSU frat party

Hall said the large party ended violently with his hat stolen and his Uber’s car vandalized. SDSU is investigating SAE fraternity, which has a history of misconduct



Famous TikToker Bryce Hall says he was harassed by members of San Diego State’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity on Tuesday night, according to social media reports circulating online. 

Hall, with more than 19.9 Million TikTok followers, announced on Twitter that he will sue.

San Diego State's Student Life and Leadership department told News 8 they are investigating SAE, which is already under investigation for previous alleged violations.

He told his followers on May 10 he recently moved to San Diego from Los Angeles, and later said he was invited by SAE to their fraternity party on Tuesday night, May 11.

Hall and several other friends, including TikToker Tayler Holder, told their social media followers that dozens of fraternity members cornered them after stealing Hall’s hat during the party.

Video evidence from the incident shows a number of young adults maskless and crowding around Hall as someone recording with his phone grabbed Hall's hat off his head.

According to Instagram reports, Hall and his group drove away from the party and parked at a 7-11 to post about what happened.

“Keep in mind, there’s us, and there was literally 47 of them like trying to act like they’re hard,” another friend said during an Instagram story posted by Hall.

“They invited us to their party like little fangirls,” Hall said over the same Instagram story. “And we showed up and then they tried to troll us by taking our hats and then cornering us against our Uber and vandalizing the vehicle.”

There were other posts circulating the incident online, such as Snapchat and TikTok. Some people were reportedly at the party and have an affiliation with SDSU SAE.

“What’s your f**king name bro?” Snapchat user Aj Stefano told the group that was in the car. He then appeared to grab the hat off someone in the backseat who he called ‘Bryce’.

The user, who has the last name Stefano, matches with an Instagram user named aj_stefano. The public Instagram account has photos posted in front of the SDSU SAE house. Stefano did not immediately respond to messages requesting comment.

SDSU Student Life and Leadership emailed News 8 Thursday to report it's investigating the fraternity for the alleged party, which would be a violation of current student organization protocol.

SAE was already under an interim suspension and being investigated for previous alleged misconduct. SAE is also part of SDSU’s Interfraternity Council, which has been under a self-imposed party ban since last summer due to the ongoing pandemic.

Party bans are often referred to as social moratoriums by SDSU and the IFC and restrict parties, events with alcohol and unsanctioned events with other organizations.

If proven by the university, this could lead to consequences ranging from further suspension to even expulsion by the university and the national SAE fraternity.

The official Instagram account for SDSU SAE screenshotted Hall’s tweet about the incident.

“Sorry you didn't get a bid @brycehall”. A bid is a formal invitation a fraternity extends to a prospective member looking to join the fraternity.

Credit: Jack Molmud
SDSU Sigma Alpha Epsilon responded to Bryce Hall's tweets about the fraternity party where his hat was allegedly stolen

After the original publishing time of the article, SDSU's SAE chapter put their Instagram on private, restricting public access. This screenshot was taken on Wednesday evening when its stories were public.

SDSU SAE’s Instagram account did not respond to messages requesting comment.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Manager of Communications and Public Relations Johnny Sao emailed a statement to News 8 that said they acknowledge the alleged violations.

“Sigma Alpha Epsilon is aware of an alleged event that may have violated local and/or state public health guidelines. We are in the process of gathering information at this time.”

Bryce Hall was not immediately available for comment, according to his agents.

Hall is no stranger to parties. During high case numbers from the coronavirus pandemic, his Los Angeles house parties were so large that Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the decision to cut off power to the so-called Sway House -- the rental home of Hall and fellow social media stars Blake Gray, and Noah Beck.

Following his tweets about the SDSU fraternity, Hall released a video detailing more of the incident.

He also called on his followers to post videos of them cursing at the SAE chapter.

This is a developing story and will be updated with comments and information as soon as News 8 is notified.

UPDATE on May 13, 2021, at 7:49 p.m. -- This article has been updated to reflect statements from SDSU's SLL department and the actions taken by SAE's Instagram page.

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