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Working For You: How to put snow chains on your tires

CHP discouraged people from heading up to the snow, but for those who will go anyway, you'll need to know how to put snow chains on your tires.

SAN DIEGO — The National Weather Service office in San Diego issued a blizzard warning for the San Bernardino Mountains as gusty winds, torrential rain, and heavy mountain snowfall battered San Diego County.

Law enforcement recommends that you don't drive up to the mountains this weekend for safety reasons, but many people might not heed that advice. 

CBS 8 wants to ensure you are prepared - We're Working For You to explain how to put snow chains on your tires.

If you’re not driving a 4-wheel drive, you might be required to have snow chains in your car or on your tires before heading up to the snowy mountains.

The type of chain depends on the type of tire, but for the newer cable chains, many don’t require you to drive over the chain to secure them.

First, park your vehicle on level ground and away from traffic. After you are set to put the chains on, read the instructions.

Untangle the chains and lay them flat on the ground. 

If you have front-wheel drive, the chains go on the front tires; if you have rear-wheel drive, the chains go on the back tires.

Sweep the chain around the tire starting under the car from the back of the tire and move it towards you.

The chain has eyelets that you secure. Start from the top and work your way down.

To secure the chain and make it tight around the tire, there’s a tensioner that acts like a bungee cord. Start by hooking at the 6 o’clock position, then up to 12, and over to 3 and 9.

The key is to practice before heading up to the mountain and check the Caltrans Quickmap for roads with chain control.

Also, pack a shovel, warm clothes and gloves, snacks, and a trash bag. Whatever you pack in, pack out.

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