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New scented pencils could put students in the mood to learn

'Essential Pencils' include scents of lavender, cinnamon, grapefruit, bergamot, peppermint, and jasmine.

CARLSBAD, Calif. — For children across America, a new school year may be the right time to try out a new type of pencil. In this Zevely Zone, I went to La Costa Canyon High to see a new invention that could put your student in the mood to learn. 

"Write an essay about what you did over the summer," said Stephanie Bowman to a classroom of students. The special education instructor is rolling out a new pencil that she hopes will bring out the best in every student. "It doesn't hurt to try them because they may, they may, actually help your child," said Stephanie.

Essential Pencils are infused with oil scents. Each one offers students a different experience using aromatherapy.  The essential oil scents include lavender, cinnamon, grapefruit, bergamot, peppermint, and jasmine.

Credit: safewellessentials.com

"Some of my favorites are lavender and jasmine, lavender is really relaxing," said 13-year-old Rocket Shafor. The 8th grader says the pencils are for all students, but he hopes they'll help those with special needs like his brother. "My favorite thing about the pencils is how they are helping the special needs people," said Rocket. 

Credit: safewellessentials.com

Every pencil comes with its own container in order to preserve a long-lasting scent that could last six months to a year. "We've got lavender, so calming and cinnamon to energize!" said Stephanie Bowman's husband, Tom. He is the inventor of Essential Pencils. Tom worked in the toy industry for the company Hasbro. "What is really fun for us is that it is innovation to a product that has been around forever," said Tom.  

Credit: safewellessentials.com

Six pencils come in every pack which sell for $10. "They are like any other pencil they write really well, but they have this sort of calming effect," said Hailey Valdez. The 8th grader says the cinnamon scent gives her energy.  "It kind of reminds me of you know like the holidays and that happy sense of joy , so when you are in class having a rough day it takes you back to your happy place," said Hailey.

Credit: safewellessentials.com

The pencils are coated with an antimicrobial and antibacterial solution to inhibit germ growth. The pencils are also made from tightly wound recycled paper to allow for the infusion to be absorbed to have maximum effect. "I think it's a great tool to use for kids these days," said Hailey's mother Amy. She works in the healthcare industry and likes how the pencils are coated with an anti-microbial solution. As a nurse practitioner, Amy thinks the coating could truly make a difference. "Absolutely, I think this is a breakthrough in writing utensils across schools," said Amy Valdez.  

For those who are skeptical of the pencil's promise. I asked Stephanie Bowman what she would say to someone who doesn't believe a pencil can change your mood. "I would tell them, it couldn't hurt, it's not going to hurt them, it may help them," said Stephanie. If the new school year brings stress, Stephanie hopes you'll put her pencils to the test. "Anything that can make their life just a little bit easier would be great," said Stephanie who told us the development of the product came out of her classroom during the early days of the COVID pandemic. 

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She was required to be in-class as her special needs children needed direct attention which distance learning would not give to them.  In her classroom they used essential oil diffusers to help give the children a calming environment. She therefore saw a way for the essential oils to be able to be combined with an everyday item they used, the pencil. Thus, was born a unique twist on a basic product.

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Essential Pencils come in different colors and graphite which can be used for scantron testing.  For more information or to buy the product go to www.safewellessentials.com.

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