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News 8 team shares favorite pandemic 'Pet Stories'

COVID-19 reveals the secret lives of our pets and makes for a real 'Animal Party'.

SAN DIEGO — 2020 hasn't been all bad. Most Americans are spending a lot more time at home with their pets. In this Zevely Zone, I asked some members of the News 8 family what they've learned about their animals during COVID.

Last Spring, when COVID caged the News 8 team at home like animals, our pets suddenly shared their secret lives. Many members of the News 8 team built home TV studios and were face-to-face with our furry friends.

At the Zevely household, we were able to solve a mystery.  For more than a year apples were disappearing from our apple tree.

"I used to love eating those apples and now there are none left," said my daughter Brianne. 

It wasn't rats or raccoons stealing from us.  We discovered our dog Raleigh was the quarantine culprit.

Credit: KFMB TV

Which made me wonder if my News 8 family had some pet stories of their own. 

I contacted Barbara Lee Edwards who told me, "My daughter's chihuahua mix has come home to live with us during this pandemic, and Charlotte (her Golden Retriever) has become very territorial. She likes to get in the way she's got one move called the 'Drive-by' where she just walks in between you and then one thing I've learned about them is that they can be very forgiving. They can be fighting like crazy over a sock one minute and the next minute they are best friends again."

Credit: KFMB TV

Next up, Carlo Cecchetto who told me, "So we have six pets so I've learned most that I need more space during this pandemic but the other thing I learned was from my big boy Oliver that you need to get outside regularly otherwise you are going to get a little antsy."

Credit: KFMB TV

What about Marcella Lee? She told me, "We are noticing all of these cute little things that we might not have noticed if we were not home so much. Oh my gosh, look at her right now she just loves to put her nose up and she is so happy. Right Denali? Denali? Denali? Hey boo, she is like please don't bother me. I am sunbathing."

Credit: KFMB TV

Steve Price has a house filled with animals, but he wanted to specifically talk about his cat Desi. Steve told me, "This is our cat Desi, and what I've learned is that he thinks he is a dog. Look, I mean how many cats like belly rubs?"

Credit: News 8 Pet Stories

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I have not been inside the KFMB TV building since March. 

But my cubicle neighbor is Sports Anchor, John Howard. I know his adorable dog very well.  

John sent me a video and said, "This is Tiki. I've learned it's much easier for her to get a haircut during the pandemic than me. As for me, I made the mistake of saying I wasn't cutting my hair until the pandemic was done. I think Tiki got the better end of that deal."

Credit: News 8 Pet Stories

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John also sent me video of Tiki riding in the back of his truck with pink goggles on. Leave it to Tiki to steal the show and my dog to steal the apples. 

We hope you're enjoying an 'Animal Party' of your own.

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