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17-year-old Carlsbad murder suspect set to be arraigned Thursday

Police say the teen is a Carlsbad resident, but because of his age, they aren't releasing his name. They also say they're still working to determine a motive.

SAN DIEGO — The teen arrested in connection with the murder of Lisa Thorborg is scheduled for a first court appearance Thursday. The 68-year-old grandmother was out walking on a popular trail in Carlsbad in November when she was fatally stabbed.

Dena Beyrouty saw the arrest from a balcony overlooking the beach in Carlsbad. “I'm telling you - he just looked like a normal Southern California surfer kid,” she said. The arrest happened around 3:30 Monday afternoon on the sand near Carlsbad Village Drive. “He looked sad - like - it just felt like - maybe the journey's over. I'm done.”

Beyrouty says there was no struggle with police and, at the time, she didn't know why the teen was in trouble. But on Tuesday, she figured it out. That teen is the prime suspect in Thorborg’s murder.

Thorborg was out on a walk on Monday, Nov. 23 when the attacked happened in broad daylight about a mile from her home. Her body was found on Hosp Grove Trail West.

Police say the teen is a Carlsbad resident, but because of his age, they aren't releasing his name. They also say they're still working to determine a motive.

“As far as we can determine, they were unknown to each other,” said Carlsbad Police Lt. Jason Jackowski. 

Thorborg's family released the following statement Tuesday, Dec. 15, following the arrest:

“We, the family of Lisa Thorborg would like to share our immense gratitude for the outpouring of support, love, and generosity from this amazing Carlsbad community. Our family moved here with Lisa just six short months before her tragic death, and in a year dominated by COVID, there has not been much opportunity to meet our new neighbors and make friends. Since the shocking news of Lisa's death, however, there has been an endless outpouring of kindness and generosity that literally brings us to tears and warms our hearts. From the organization of the "Finish Lisa's Walk" event in Hosp Grove to the many meals, flowers, and gifts that we have received – we want you to know that we feel SO loved and supported by this incredible community. 

Additionally, we would like to thank the fine detectives and law enforcement professionals of the Carlsbad Police Department. We can confidently say that working with the Carlsbad Police Department has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and we have been treated with genuine care and respect by every member of the force that we've interacted with. This police department has our full confidence and we know they are doing everything in their power to bring justice for Lisa. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank our community for helping us feel welcomed, supported, and protected. You all continuously remind us to rejoice in remembering that the love and light in this world far outweigh the darkness. --With love and gratitude, Lisa's Family.” 

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