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San Diego Police increase security around Petco Park for Padres vs. Dodgers

SDPD is expecting 100,000 people in and around Petco Park this weekend. The city also cleared the homeless off the streets around the stadium.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego police officers are expecting around 100,000 fans this weekend in and around Petco Park.

From security, to moving the homeless off the streets. Police said public safety is a top priority.

San Diego Police said although they didn't know the Padres made it to playoffs until last week, they've been planning for this since the summer.

“Almost double the normal footprint that we utilize for a regular season Dodger, Giants games,” said San Diego Police Department Special Events Lt. Ricky Radasa. “A lot of officers or a very high visibility, a lot of security personnel, you're going to see officers on bikes, in cars on foot, you’re going to see dogs.”

Radasa said federal and county resources are also assisting with security.

Their strategy will be much like the 2016 MLB All-Star game and Comic-Con.

Fans will see officers fanned out across downtown.

“Blocks away as well where people are walking from their cars, to their cars, walking into the Gaslamp after the game,” said Radasa.

Before the game, police and city crews cleared the homeless off the streets and sidewalks around Petco Park.

“We have a schedule that we are always down here cleaning and clearing sidewalks again for public health and safety reasons this weekend is no different,” said City of San Diego spokesperson Jose Ysea.

He said with each encounter they offer resources.

“Our crews are asking individuals who are need of services and providing them with resources,” said Ysea.

Sidewalk vendors are also not allowed around Petco Park.

“If anyone is set up or don't have the proper permits, we have inspectors who will be enforcing that,” said Ysea.

Police said in most cases, the worst offenses are alcohol related which include fights among rival fans.

Officers say most arrests are alcohol related such as fights among rival fans.

“This year has been pretty it's pretty, pretty docile,” said Radasa. He hopes it stays that way to keep fans safe.

If you see anything suspicious, don't hesitate to report it an officer.

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