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News 8 viewers show generosity in 'Zevely Zone'

Jeff and photojournalist Scott Hall follow up on six stories where viewer donations made a big difference.

SAN DIEGO — News 8 viewers demonstrate their generosity every day. In this Zevely Zone, photojournalist Scott Hall and I looked back on six stories where the donations from viewers made a big difference.

In January, we introduced you to Joanna Jaeger and her son Alex who recently moved to Poway from the Bay Area. "It's very hard to make new friends in a pandemic," said Joanna. Her son Alex who was diagnosed with autism as a child makes the world a sweeter place with his dark chocolate almond toffee treats called Big Al's Best. Within 15vhours of our story airing, Big Al was smiling from ear to ear and preparing $1,500 worth of new orders.

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In February, we profiled Operation Helping Hounds in Valley Center. The non-profit organization rescues unwanted hunting hounds.  "Thanks to all of the Zevely Zone viewers we raised $1,500 for Operation Helping Hounds. That is the cost of a transfer to Oklahoma and helps 51 hounds in need," said Marie-Louise Guernsey, the group's founder.

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News 8 viewers are known for their love of animals. Last November, we profiled an 11-year-old girl named Genevieve. She is a 6-th grader in Carlsbad collecting donations to open her own animal shelter.  Genevieve is happy to report, she's raised more than $20,000 for her non-profit Purpose 4 Pets.

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Credit: Purpose 4 Pets

Remember Girl Scout Troop 1942? They needed materials to fill "Welcome Bags" for families of sick children at the Ronald McDonald House. "Thank you, San Diego. With your help, we put together more than 50 Welcome Bags for the Ronald McDonald House. We also furnished the new teen hang-out room and earned our Bronze Award," said members of Girl Scout Troop 1942 following our story.

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Then came the Senior Gleaners of San Diego County. "We are not going to let food go to waste when there are hungry people," they said during the story. The non-profit organization rescues fruit that would spoil and following our story 13 new volunteers signed up to pick produce and more than a dozen new homeowners offered their harvests to feed the hungry.

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Credit: Eastlake Moms

Finally, we want to follow up on our story on the Eastlake Moms. "We are a sisterhood of moms that are spreading love," they told us in March.  The Good Samaritans who offer acts of kindness recruited 200 more moms following our story.

Thank you, San Diego, for being so generous and thank you for watching the Zevely Zone. If you'd like to help any of the organizations, their website links are embedded throughout the article.

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