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CA Prop 14 results: Stem cell research election

Proposition 14 is on the California ballot to continue funding stem cell research by borrowing up to $5.5 billion through bonds.

CALIFORNIA, USA — California Proposition 14 is a vote to approve $5.5 billion dollars for stem cell research and research facilities in the state. In 2004, California voters approved Proposition 71. It gave legal protection to stem cell research that was hoping to find new medical treatments or cures for everything from Parkinson’s to cancer. Proposition 71 also approved spending more than $3 billion to use for stem cell research and to build research facilities.  Since 2004, most of the funding has been spent.

Proposition 14 does offer a chance for the state to make back some money, a unique property compared to most state bonds. If the research leads to new inventions that earn revenue, the state will get a portion of the profits.

So far that’s only raised about $350,000 or about 0.01% of the bond money we’ve already spent on stem cell work since 2004.

Find more background about this proposition as well as opinions from both sides on the California Voter Guide or on your local voter guide.

What is the full name for Prop 14?

The California Stem Cell Research, Treatments, and Cures Initiative of 2020

What does a YES vote on Prop 14 mean?

A yes vote approves $5.5 billion dollars for stem cell research and research facilities. The money will come from a bond.

What does a NO vote on Prop 14 mean?

A no vote means that the state’s existing stem cell program would start to wind down.

Original filing for Prop 14

View the original filing sent to the state.