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Former USD football star found himself after football now he's helping others become best version of themselves

Former San Diego University football player Jereke Armstrong found himself outside of football and it turned into a passion to help others

SAN DIEGO — From a college football player, to a trainer that not only helps people reach their fitness goals, but helps improve their overall mental health as well. San Diego native Jereke Armstrong strives to help his clients in all aspects of their lives. However, before he was able to help others, he had to help find himself. 

Armstrong reflected on how we had to evolve as a individual. “I played football from a young age until I was in my 20’s. I played at University of San Diego and once I was done playing, I had a hard time adjusting because my whole life I was known as an athlete. Once I was done playing I was struggling and kind of had a crisis.”

Credit: CBS 8

Though football was done, Armstrong had to find something that could fill that void of being an athlete, so he decided to start working out trying to get in the best shape that he could as an individual. 

From there, it eventually evolved into helping others.

“It started off with me just training myself trying to be in the best shape I could possibly be in. Then it evolved into me realizing I could help others and it motivated me to want to do something like this full time and keep it going.”

One thing about Armstrong is that he lets the clients know how difficult the journey will be, emphasizing that change is not easy, and they might have a hard time. He does reassure them though, that it is worth it.

"I let my clients know that its not going to be easy at all, I tell them that some days they won’t like m, and that’s okay. But, I am going to push them and remind them that change is not easy, but once they see the end results, they are going to like that I pushed them the way I did.”

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