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Results: San Diego County measures

Every single ballot measure with results in San Diego County in the November 2020 election
Credit: KFMB

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — San Diego County residents have a lot to decide on as dozens of local measures will be on this year's ballot. From school districts to local municipalities, it's important to know what's at stake before you check the boxes.

Here is a rundown of every measure on the ballot and the election results.

City of San Diego - Measure A:

General obligation bonds for affordable housing.

To provide permanent and supportive housing for extremely low- to low-income individuals and families, including supportive mental health and substance abuse services, for populations including veterans, seniors, the disabled, youth and the homeless, shall the City of San Diego issue up to $900 million in general obligation bonds financed by property tax assessments estimated between approximately $3 and $21 per each $100,000 of assessed valuation for fiscal years 2022 through 2068? 

City of San Diego - Measure B:

Charter amendments establishing a commission on police practices.

Shall the City Charter be amended to dissolve the Community Review Board on Police Practices and replace it with a Commission on Police Practices, with members appointed by the City Council, its own staff, subpoena power, independent legal counsel, and authority to investigate police officer misconduct, review complaints against officers, and make recommendations on police officer discipline, police policies, and Police Department legal compliance? 


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San Diego Unified School District - Measure C:

Charter amendment: district-only elections for school board members.

Shall the Charter be amended to change the process for electing School Board members in the San Diego Unified School District, by providing that voters in individual sub-districts nominate and elect their representative in both the primary and general elections, rather than the current system in which candidates are nominated in individual sub-districts in the primary but advance to a general election in the entire School District? 

San Diego Unified School District - Measure D:

Charter amendment: procedures to remove school board members for cause and to fill vacancies.

Shall the City Charter be amended to include the office of School Board member from the San Diego Unified School District under City laws that address removal of elected officials for cause, filling vacancies in elected office, and succession to office? 

City of San Diego - Measure E:

Removing 30-foot height limit in midway-pacific highway community plan area.

Shall People’s Ordinance O-10960 be amended to exclude the Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan area, which includes the Sports Arena, from the 30-foot height limit on buildings in the Coastal Zone, with any future development still required to comply with other governing laws? 

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City of Carlsbad - Measure G:

City Council Compensation

Shall Title 2, Chapter 2.04, Section 2.04.010(A) of the Carlsbad Municipal Code be adopted to prohibit city council compensation adjustments from exceeding the amount established by the San Diego Regional Consumer Price Index, to require the city council to either make or waive a compensation adjustment in January of each year, and to prohibit the city council from enacting retroactive increases for years in which the city council waived a compensation adjustment? 

City of Encinitas - Measure H:

Shall the electors of the City of Encinitas adopt the citizen initiative titled “An Ordinance of the City of Encinitas Authorizing Commercial Cannabis Activities Involving Retail Sales, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Cannabis Kitchens and Distribution, and Personal Use Cultivation, Subject to Certain Regulations and Restrictions.” 

City of Imperial Beach - Measure I:

Imperial Beach emergency response/vital services measure.

Shall the ordinance to maintain fire protection, paramedics, 911 emergency response, prevention programs, neighborhood/community crime prevention; address homelessness; improve natural disaster/medical/emergency response; maintain streets; maintain lifeguard center, parks, community center, youth/after-school/senior programs; other general services, by establishing a 1¢ sales tax providing approximately $1,300,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring independent audits, public disclosure of spending, all funds for Imperial Beach, be adopted?

City of Lemon Grove - Measure J:

To fund general municipal expenses such as fire, safety, roads and recreation, shall the City repeal the current cannabis tax and modernize it with a new cannabis or hemp business tax at annual rates not to exceed 8% of gross receipts for retail cannabis businesses, and 4% for all other cannabis businesses; which is estimated to generate $560,000 to $1,120,000 annually and will be levied until repealed by the voters? 

City of Oceanside - Measure K:

Shall the Ordinance adding Article XVII, Section 2.94 to Chapter 2 of the Oceanside City Code establishing limits of three four year terms whether consecutive or not for the offices of mayor and city council member be adopted? 

City of Oceanside - Measure L:

Shall Ordinance No. 19-OR0729-1, rezoning approximately 176.6 acres in northeastern Oceanside to implement the North River Farms project, be adopted? The current zoning is Agricultural, potentially allowing 2.5-acre minimum residential lots. Ordinance No. 19-OR0729-1 changes the zoning to Planned Development to accommodate the North River Farms project, approved by the City Council, including up to 585 homes, a 24.9-acre commercial village, 68.1 acres of agriculture, and 17 acres of parks/open space. 

City of Oceanside - Measure M:

Shall the City of Oceanside establish a Cannabis Business Tax not to exceed 6% of gross revenues for Cannabis Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors and not to exceed 3.5% of gross revenues for Cannabis Cultivators to generate approximately $1,900,000 annually, until voters change or repeal the tax, to fund general city services, including enforcement efforts against cannabis businesses operating illegally? 

City of Poway - Measure P

Do you approve The Farm in Poway Specific Plan as adopted by the Poway City Council to amend the General Plan and Zoning Code to allow development of a master-planned sustainable community with a maximum of 160 homes and at least 70.4 acres of permanent open space including community-serving recreational and agricultural amenities, on approximately 117.2 acres at 17166 Stoneridge Country Club Lane in the City of Poway?

City of Santee - Measure N:

Shall an ordinance amending the Santee General Plan requiring voter approval for development actions that would increase residential density or intensify land use over that currently permitted by the General Plan be adopted?

City of Santee - Measure Q:

“Shall the measure amending the Santee Municipal Code to require that no person shall serve as an “Elected Official,” defined to include the offices of Mayor and Member of the City Council, for more than twelve years, or three terms, whichever is less, with any portion of term, whether by election or appointment, counting as a full term, be adopted?” 

City of Santee - Measure R:

Shall an ordinance amending the Santee Municipal Code to establish a three-term lifetime limit on City Council service and a separate two-term lifetime limit on Mayoral service, be adopted?

City of Solana Beach - Measure S:

Shall a proposed ordinance amending Solana Beach Municipal Code to Repeal Current Prohibitions Entirely and Allow Commercial Cannabis (Marijuana) Retailers in Non-Residential Zones and Marijuana Deliveries and Certain Cultivation in all Zones in the City of Solana Beach be adopted?

Cajon Valley Union School District - Measure T:

To replace outdated electrical wiring; increase internet access; upgrade fire alarms; improve student safety /campus security; and replace aging portables, shall Cajon Valley Union School District’s measure to issue $125 million in bonds be adopted, extending but not increasing the current tax rate (averaging $13/$100,000 of assessed valuation) and raising $6.2 million annually until repaid with legal interest rates, annual audits, independent oversight, all funds spent locally, no money for administrators’ salaries and qualifying for State reimbursement? 

Dehesa School District - Measure U:

To improve student safety and campus security; renovate classrooms and educational facilities; increase internet access; and upgrade fire alarms and outdated electric wiring, shall Dehesa School District’s measure authorizing $3.1 million in bonds be adopted with rigorous independent oversight, annual tax rates averaging $30.00/$100,000 of assessed valuation (raising $193,000/year until bonds are repaid), legal interest rates, annual audits, all funds spent locally and not taken by the state and no money for administrators’ salaries? 

La Mesa-Spring Valley School District - Measure V:

To repair old, outdated classrooms and school facilities, fix deteriorating roofs, plumbing and electrical systems, improve student safety and campus security, and upgrade classrooms, labs, facilities and technology to support achievement in science, math, reading, technology, arts and engineering, shall the La Mesa – Spring Valley School District measure authorizing $136,000,000 in bonds at legal rates be adopted, levying approximately 2.4 cents per $100 assessed value ($7,879,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding, with citizen oversight and all money staying local? 

Oceanside Unified High School District - Measure W:

To protect quality schools and upgrade aging facilities, shall Oceanside Unified School District’s measure to: upgrade classrooms for science, technology, engineering, arts, math instruction; address school earthquake, fire, health and safety standards; modernize computers and technology; and repair or replace deteriorating roofs, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems; by issuing $160,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, providing approximately $9,100,000 annually, levying 3ȼ per $100 of assessed value while bonds are outstanding, with independent oversight and audits, be adopted? 

South Bay Union School District - Measure X:

Shall the Members of the South Bay Union School District Board of Trustees be limited to three (3) elected terms of office?

Lakeside Fire Protection District - Measure Y

Shall the Lakeside Fire Protection District measure, repealing existing yearly charges of $10.00, replacing them with a $25.00 special tax per benefit unit, raising approximately $2,480,000 annually, adjusted 2% annually for inflation until repealed by voters, used for designated fire protection services and capital costs, of: Unimproved land - 2 units/acre; Farm parcel - 4 units; Single family dwelling - 4 units; Multi-family/Mobile home dwelling - 3 units; Commercial business - 10 units; Industrial business - 20 units; be adopted?

Rincon Ranch Community Services District - Measure Z:

Shall the Rincon Ranch Community Services District be authorized to establish and levy a special tax override, on all taxable real property within its boundaries for the purpose of providing Funds for repair and resurface of the roads maintained by the District, with this special tax not to exceed Six Dollars per acre, or portion thereof, plus One Hundred Seventy Dollars per parcel of land per year? 

Valley Center Fire Protection District - Measure AA:

Valley Center Fire Protection District emergency response protection measure.

To maintain/improve local fire protection/emergency medical services and wildfire/natural disaster preparedness/response; recruit/retain firefighters/paramedics; build a fire station to improve response times; replace aging equipment; shall Valley Center Fire Protection District’s measure levying 6¢ per square foot of improved residential property, $49 per unimproved parcel, with different rates for other property types, providing $820,000 annually for local use, until ended by voters; with senior exemptions and independent oversight, be adopted?


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